A Day in the Life of a Boarding Student

Wonder what it’s like to be a boarding student at Salem Academy? Here’s a typical day.

7:15 am: The alarm rings. Should I hit snooze or not?

7:45 am: Plenty of time to hit the dining hall before class. Today I can eat a big breakfast. After all, it’s about a two minute walk to my A period classroom. I join a table with a group who arrived earlier. I’ll grab an apple on my way out to save for later.

8:15–9:50 am: A and B periods. I aced an Algebra quiz and discussed last night’s reading in English.

9:50 am: Assembly. I made my announcement about the Key Club service project next week. I can’t forget to sign up for the Carowinds trip on Saturday. Suzie lost her shoes again.

10:05 am: COOKIE BREAK!  The tray of cookies was waiting in the lounge when I arrived, and the cookies were still warm.  Yum!

10:15 am–12:40 pm: C, D, and E periods.  I gave a report on Catherine de Medici in Renaissance History class. During my free period, I spent some time on tonight’s homework, and in Biology we began a unit on plant cells.

12:45–1:15 pm: I joined my friends in the dining hall for lunch.

1:20–2:05 pm: F period. I gave the weather report and practiced writing characters in Mandarin class.

2:10–2:55 pm: We’re biking on the greenway in PE today. It’s beautiful this time of year!

3:00–3:45 pm: Biology Lab is meeting outside in the May Dell. We’re studying the trees and leaves.

4:00 pm: Heading down to field hockey practice. We have a game tomorrow, so I know we’ll work on some important skills today.